Tonquin Valley

In the northern Canadian Rockies near Jasper, Alberta lies the rugged, difficult to access Tonquin Valley. Bordered on all sides by the most notable feature of this wilderness: the Ramparts. A mountain range that towers over the Valley, creating the monumental backdrop to alpine meadows and Amethyst Lake.

The rugged terrain offers a sense of stability and grounding while the accompanying water elements are a source of renewal and regeneration. The combined earth and water energies bring with them a feeling of reverence and respect for the natural world around you. The connectedness one feels with nature here, allows you to experience the subtle shifts in light and weather in tandem with the earth, influencing your creative vision.

Accessible by foot or horse, the Tonquin Backcountry Lodge was our resting place as we experienced the alpine ponds, scenic forests and remote lakes. This 23 km trek takes you through some of the most idyllic and secluded backcountry in the world.

During my journey, I had the privilege of encountering elusive caribou. It was a moment of pure serendipity, a testament to the Alberta backcountry. Once at the Lodge, you can hear glaciers cracking in the afternoon heat and witness scree cascade down the slopes of the Ramparts.

I invite you to join me and immerse yourself in the essence of the Tonquin Backcountry captured through my lens. From the tranquility of alpine ponds to the drama of glacier-carved landscapes, let the images ignite your passion for exploration. Welcome to the journey.

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