Vancouver Island

This gallery contains a collection of photographs taken all over Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands in British Columbia Canada. This gallery is a photo essay of all of our adventures around the pacific northwest, either by boat, motorcycle, ATV, dirt bike or car.

Gulf Islands Photography

Most of the Gulf Islands are only accessible by personal boat, kayak, etc. It’s like a journal in photos of what we amuse ourselves with in this corner of the planet. The Gulf Islands are an example of pristine pacific northwest ecosystems and I am truly lucky to be able to experience them on an almost weekly basis. We would take our boat out for days at a time, bouncing from island to island, taking in every moment. It provided me with a truly unique way to experience and express my love for these Islands.

A few of the Gulf Islands I have photographed include Galiano Island, Pender Island, Gabriola Island, Prevost Island, Mayne Island, Saltspring Island, D’arcy Island, Wallace Island, Thetis Island, Tent Island, and Portland Island.

Gulf Islands camping is available on select islands through the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve Service.

Wild West Coast of Vancouver Island

The stunning west coast shoreline Vancouver Island provides you with plenty of opportunities to hike and photograph the natural beauty of Vancouver Island. From the biggest trees in the world to hidden waterfalls and neat back country roads, there is a ton to discover. Explore a beach or two on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  You will see first hand why they call this area the “Wild” West Coast.

Vancouver Island Waterfall Chasing

Waterfalls are so abundant on Vancouver Island due to the moist conditions and the amount of annual rainfall we receive. Surrounded by walls of green moss, the rushing water and revitalizing fresh air, these local waterfalls bring us a feeling of going back in time.

The best time to chase waterfalls is March, April, and mid Sept to late Oct.  These are the months when there has been enough rain so that the waterfalls are running strong and can be captured in all their glory. Outside of these months, and the water levels might be too low or too high: you could be disappointed.

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