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Natural Bridge, Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada

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Throughout this website, I hope to provide my readers with useful and valuable information on landscape photography.

For more than four decades, I had the privilege of calling the Coastal Temperate rainforest in Southern Vancouver Island my home. This breathtaking region has been a constant source of inspiration for my landscape photography, where I’ve had the opportunity to play with light and composition to capture the beauty of this unique ecosystem.

One of the things that I appreciate most about nature photography is its impact on our well-being. There’s something truly special about immersing ourselves in the natural world through imagery. That’s why I love traveling to different locations around British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Alberta to capture the landscapes that are unique to each region. But of all the corners of the world, Cascadia remains my favorite for its diversity of terrains and natural wonders.

Recently, my husband and I relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, where we’re now surrounded by the stunning desert landscapes. This new setting presents new challenges and opportunities to create images that showcase the unique beauty of this region. I’m excited to explore the desert and continue to push the boundaries of my craft for years to come.


Final Live Judging Round – Natural Landscape Photography Awards 2021 – Voted in the Top 1.2% out of 13,400 Photographs submitted from 47 countries and over 1300 photographers

Semi Finalist – Share the View International Nature Photography Contest 2022

Top 250 Images + Semi Finalist – Share the View International Nature Photography Contest 2023

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