As a photographer with a deep love for the natural world, I strive to convey the beauty and majesty of fall foliage with every image we capture. Through my lens, I invite you to experience the crisp mountain air, the gentle rustle of leaves, and the warm embrace of autumn sunlight as you immerse yourself in stunning fall landscapes.

In between the Autumn equinox around September 21 (Otherwise known as Mabon or the second harvest) and Samhain (traditionally the first week or so of November), the balance between light and dark begins to shift as the days are becoming considerably shorter. It’s at this time, when nature is preparing for the quietness of winter, that you can capture the fleeting transition as the leaves begin to shift from green to the colors of autumn. The energy of summer is considerably subdued as nature begins to focus within while the dark half of the year begins. Individuals with a deep connection to the earth and woodlands may feel especially affected by the calm and wise energies present during the autumnal season.

Logistically, fall colors in British Columbia, can be hard to find. A large portion of the Province is covered in evergreen trees that never change color. But one you locate the deciduous trees, its as if a whole new world has opened up. My images below are taking mainly around Vancouver Island. A local favorite is the Japanese Garden at Butchart Gardens. Also, if you’re in town, check out Hatley Castle and Gardens, UVIC Finnerty Gardens, and Mystic Vale.

Included are images from a trip we to Kananaskis Country in Alberta to witness the changing of the alpine larch needles from green to bright yellow. The journey to view the larch trees as their needles turned yellow did not disappoint. The hikes to get up into the alpine to view the best specimens were difficult due to the altitude. If you’re planning on viewing them next year, let me know, I have a list of hikes and can provide you with some guidance.

From the towering aspen groves of the Colorado Rocky Mountains to the golden valleys of the San Juan Range, my collection of fall photographs also celebrates the kaleidoscope of colors that blanket Colorado’s terrain. A few images were also captured near Flagstaff and Superior in Arizona during the very brief and fleeting fall season.

Join me on this visual journey through fall foliage, where every photograph tells a story of change, renewal, and the timeless beauty of nature.

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