Southern Oregon boasts a landscape infused with vibrant light, casting a captivating glow upon its towering sea stacks during both sunrise and sunset. My excursions to this region, undertaken in April and September, coincide with what I consider optimal periods for favorable lighting conditions and agreeable weather.

Nestled along the coastline are charming cities such as Coos Bay, Bandon, and Brookings, each offering its own unique allure. For your convenience, I’ve provided a link to a Southern Oregon map to aid in your planning endeavors.

During my stay, I chose Bandon as my base and resided in a vacation rental conveniently situated across from iconic landmarks like Face Rock and the Wizards Hat. From Astoria down the coast, I’ve traversed the entirety of this picturesque region, discovering countless photographic opportunities along the way.

Indeed, Oregon’s coastal landscape presents an abundance of photographic marvels, each deserving of exploration under the most favorable lighting conditions. Embarking on multiple trips is essential to fully appreciate the breadth of its beauty.

Southern Oregon weather is mild, with wind, clouds and rain being common. You would see me on the beach, always in full rain gear. Don’t forget your camera rain jacket, about 1000 lens cloths, gum boots/waders, and a sturdy tripod. I was hit by a rogue wave and my heavy Manfrotto tripod held steady and saved my camera and thus my trip!

Oregon Sea Stacks

Sea stacks are the most prominent feature of the Oregon coast. They were formed millions of years ago from lava flows that cascaded down into the sea from what is today eastern Oregon and Washington states. The ocean waters cooled the lava flows and formed these large basalt rock formations that today, attracts thousands of photographers from all over the world. There are a few favorite formations that you will see captured time and time again. Each new season, sunrise or sunset brings with it different light conditions and opportunities to capture the sea stacks.

Northern Oregon is home to Ecola State Park and Cannon Beach with the iconic Haystack rock formation. We have yet to spend time at Haystack and are looking forward to returning. Southern Oregon is where you will find the Wizards Hat and Bandon Beach, which we captured in the gallery below.

Our other favorites in Southern Oregon include Shore Acres Park at rising tide for some amazing shots as the waves pound the shore and Cape Sebastian.

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