vancouver island rainforest woodland photography

Woodlands & Rainforests

Take a journey through the coastal rainforests and Big Trees of Vancouver Island.

Tonquin backcountry lodge ramparts at sunrise

Tonquin Valley

Wander into the Northern Canadian Rockies to experience the rugged yet subdued ambiance of Tonquin Valley.

sidney bc sidney spit victoria canada gulf islands sailing destination

Sidney Spit

A quick ferry ride from Sidney, BC to Sidney Spit Marine Park, witness why this small Gulf Island is a favored local destination.

landscape photography vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

Come and float along as we venture through the Gulf Islands in British Columbia by boat.

oregon coast seastacks sunrise wizards hat


Catch up with me on the Southern Oregon Coast, where sea stacks and light partner for exquisite conditions.

arizona american southwest sunset monument valley


Forget the Pacific Northwest and venture to the desert. See for yourself why it’s called the Wild Wild West.

abstract photography sunset mystic beach juan de fuca marine park


Enjoy some abstract photography including impressionistic landscape photography and intentional camera movement.

canadian rockies landscape photography

Canadian Rockies

The beginning of exploring the Canadian Rockies in Banff, Jasper, and Yoho National Parks.

astrophotography vancouver island landscape photography


Watch the stars with us as we have fun capturing the night sky.

vancouver island rainforest woodland photography

Fall Colors

Enjoy the hues of amber, yellow, orange, and red that create a stunning palette.

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