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Abstract landscape photography is a great way to fuel the creative process.

It challenges you to look at everyday scenes, items, and light with a different and discerning eye.

I like to head to familiar local parks to practice abstract photography. I love finding and appreciating the small scenes around me.

Recently I explored Tod Inlet Park, a local inlet with tons of abstract photography opportunities!

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Tod Inlet Abstract Photography

I love finding small scenes! It enables you to see a very familiar area through a new lens, adding dimension.

Different seasons in Tod Inlet also offer up a multitude of new and fascinating scenes, like when the Inlet becomes frozen and ice forms, then shatters with each incoming/outgoing tide. The water is brackish, fueled by Tod Creek, a fresh water river that empties into the pacific ocean. Each winter, when temperatures are cold enough for a week or two, the top layer of freshwater freezes. Watching the seagulls walk and slip along the thin ice is hilarious!

In fall, you will have to search a bit harder for intimate and abstract scenes, because most of the trees are evergreen. Fog begins to show up around October, but is fleeting. I’ve seen fog last about 15 minutes at most before disappearing.

Spring and Summer seasons offer up all sorts of new life, wildflowers, slugs, and snails. The local preservation societies and volunteers have been hard at work restoring natural vegetation and removing invasive species. This results in scenes that are truly reflective of the natural state of Tod Inlet.

For decades, a cement plant and entire community lived and worked in Tod Inlet. A huge amount of old and decaying items have been left behind along the beach, trails, and in the forest. They are perfect for capturing the process of decay and rust. I’ve even found 2 entire vehicles, tires and all, covered in moss and rotting away into the ground.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area and would like to capture images similar to the ones below, contact me for more info.

For more abstract images please check out my Abstract Landscape Photography Gallery by clicking the button below.

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